Hani in Harper’s Bazaar

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Among the models of the June 2020 edition of fashion magazine Harper’s Bazaar is EXID’s Ahn Hani. [1]

Hani, screenshot from Harper’s Bazaar’s video on Instagram

Update: Harper’s Bazaar has been releasing articles on the photoshoots within the edition, and Hani’s was posted on May 26th. (link) The article introduces and compliments our Hani. ♥

The original announcement, a May 20th post by @harpersbazaarkorea, is a video that includes several models. Hani’s segment starts at 0:15 in the original video. @hani_mymuse has been kind enough to extract her part for LEGGOs:

Other Models

Other models in the June issue include: cover model and actress Gong Hyojin; entertainers Lee Junghyun (Ava) and Jung Jihoon (Rain); and actresses Kim Jiwon, Lee Hanee, and Lee Mido. [1]

Kim Jiwon’s photoshoot, titled “Blue Bird”, is featured in an article on the Harper’s Bazaar website. [2]


In the online stores, the June magazine comes with a Dashing Diva mani-pedi set and a Chicor eyeliner (randomly black or brown).

Product set, photo from Yes24’s product page

The shopping site linked to from the Harper’s Bazaar website is Yes24. Visit the product page at http://www.yes24.com/Product/Goods/90278710.

For additional shopping sites, check out the ones that LEGGO @hani_youaremysunshine found and shared on Twitter:


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  2. Harper’s Bazaar’s article about “Blue Bird”: https://www.harpersbazaar.co.kr/article/46669

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