BLESSED Album Update

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As we near the August 19th EXID album release date, more teasers and information is coming out. Our previous article was a month ago, and it’s time for an update.[1]


On April 3rd, fans noticed that the members were together and teasing something big. The teasers continued for almost two months.[1]

On May 28th, Tokuma announced the next EXID album that will be titled “BLESSED”. It is available for pre-order now, and it will be released on August 19th.[1]

Album Art

Hot and beautiful album art for the two album versions, plus a visual teaser, were released on June 26th for fans to enjoy.[2]

Track Lists and Extras

Both Versions come with these ten tracks:[2]

  • B.L.E.S.S.E.D.
  • L.I.E. (Japanese Version)
  • DDD (Japanese Version)
  • Ah Yeah (Japanese Version)
  • I Love You (Japanese Version)
  • Night Rather Than Day, 2020 Arrangement (Japanese Version)
  • Bad Girl For You
  • Break My Heart
  • Cream (Japanese Version)

Regular Edition

There will be at least one bonus track on the “Regular Edition”:[2]

  • B.L.E.S.S.E.D. (Korean Version)

The original announcement included “Night Rather Than Day, 2020 Arrangement (Korean Version)” as a second bonus track.[1] This has been removed from most sources, but some still mention two bonus tracks in the album introduction text.[3] We cannot be sure which is accurate until EXID clarifies or the album is released.

First Press Limited Edition

The “First Press Limited Edition” comes with a member selfie photo, a photo stand, and a DVD of:[2]

  • B.L.E.S.S.E.D. Music Video
  • EXID 2019 Summer Tour Live
  • Trouble
  • Cookie & Cream
  • Memories
  • Vaporize Yourself!

It does not come with the bonus track(s) that the “Regular Edition” has[2], so you’ll want to buy both. 😉

Chain Store Goodies

If you purchase from one of the stores below, you get an additional gift with your purchase:[4]

These extras are limited, so be sure to order soon![4]


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