Hyelin Birthday Celebrations

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Hyelin’s birthday is August 23rd! She was born in 1993. Are you ready to celebrate? We have collected event information for those wanting to participate.

Sending a letter or gift

You can send Hyelin a letter wishing her a happy birthday. Gifts are also accepted. SidusHQ is accepting fan letters to Hyelin at the address below:[1]

서울특별시 강남구 선릉로 629 SidusHQ타워 A동
매니지먼트 본부
혜린 앞

It is acceptable to write the address in English instead. The following address will work:[2]

C/O SidusHQ Management Team
Hyelin Seo
1F, 629 (SidusHQ Tower A), Seolleung-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul 06100
Republic of Korea

Important: Gifts sent internationally may require extra steps. Expensive gifts should be discussed with sidusHQ before shipping. Less expensive gifts should be fine. Get a tracking number so that any shipping problems can be easily addressed.

Hyelinikid’s Cafe Event

From August 19th to the 23rd, visit Lcafe to get a Hyelin cupholder. Gifts will also be given to some customers. For more information, check out the twitter announcement.


@soulgbearz on Twitter has created a Twibbon that LEGGOs can use to show support for Hyelin on her birthday.


For a hashtag to use on Hyelin’s birthday, check out @wanna_with0813‘s tweet. They have suggested two tags with a similar meaning in two languages:


Profile Picture

@exidream__ made a birthday icon to use for Hyelin’s birthday.



@VotingExid is doing a hashtag event. For several days of celebrating Hyelin’s birthday, share something good about her that is related to the hashtag.

Day 1 is #HappyVocalHyelinDay. Day 2 is #D2_DancerHyelin. Day 3 is #D3_HyelinOurDork.[3]



  1. wanna_with0813’s tweet about fan letters and gifts: https://twitter.com/wanna_with0813/status/1270627343376080897
  2. Hyelinikid’s tweet about the corrected English address: https://twitter.com/hyelinikid/status/1292204247388499968
  3. The initial order of the birthday hashtags was different, as is seen in the tweet we embedded. We confirmed the final order (in our article) via DM with @VotingExid.

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