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Update August 16, 2020: After collecting additional responses, we have updated this article with more precise information. The survey form will also remain open and public.

This month is a special month. 5XID’s debut anniversary is on the 13th, and their album B.L.E.S.S.E.D. comes out on the 19th. For this special month, we can think of no better interviewee than LEGGOs as a group. We ran a survey and collected 45 responses, which we will summarize.


A recurring topic of conversation that we see is LEGGO demographics, so we had to ask about age, location, and gender. What do you expect the results to be?


We asked about age in relation to the idols. Jeonghwa was born May 8th, 1995. Solji was born January 10th, 1989. The majority of LEGGOs are younger than Jeonghwa.

LEGGO Age – 62.2% younger than Jeonghwa – 20% in the middle – 17.8% older than Solji


EXID has mostly female fans. We knew it was between 51% and 72% based on our Instagram ads,[1] so the 60% result we got here seems about right.

LEGGO Gender – 60% female – 35.6% male – 4.4% Nonbinary


There may be some bias in this result, because those who filled out the survey all speak English. Still, the pins on the map clearly show that EXID has fans all around the world.

Countries of surveyed LEGGOs


EXID usually speaks Korean, but they know some of other languages. What about LEGGO?

Native Language

Our many languages make a very pretty pie graph! Most I-LEGGOs speak English, followed by Malay, Chinese, and Arabic.[2]

LEGGO Languages – 37.8% English – 11.1% Malay – 10% Chinese – 4% Arabic

Korean Fluency

Most I-LEGGOs know some Korean, but 25% know almost none. That proves that EXID transcends language. You don’t have to know Korean to enjoy them. 😊

Korean Fluency – 15.6% conversational – 60% know a few words – 24.4% almost none

Being a LEGGO

The chart below shows after which event LEGGOs became a fan. Half of us became a fan during Solji’s hiatus, which was from December 2016 to July 2018.

And we listen to EXID a lot!

Messages from LEGGO

We finished off the survey with written answers. We will select five answers from each question. The answers chosen represent what most LEGGOs are expressing.

What do you like most about EXID’s music?

The creative flair of their self-produced music. Their B-sides always sound unique and yet remain catchy like pop songs are expected to be.

They have music for all occasions, from partying music, sadder music, and sexy music! And they’re ALL very good!

The beats and everything 😀

their vocals + rap

I love the lyrics the beats how their voices are so different yet work perfectly together

What do you like most about the members?

Well there’s a reason why they’re called comedians team who are good at singing

Their down-to-earthness, sense of humor, and friendship.

Their personalities, their family-like friendship, their talents.

their personalities and their bound and the fact they love each other like family and love and cherish every leggo also they are really really funny.

I love how different they are from each other. The members all excel in their own individual talents, and when they come together as a group, it’s really special. They’re as dedicated to EXID as LEGGOs are. I have a lot of respect for them as people and as artists.

If you could tell EXID anything…

Thank you for making leggos days brighter each and every day!

That whatever they decide to do now and in the future that it is whatever that makes them happy and makes them worry free in life and that Leggos will forever support them no matter what.

That we love them so much .. I’d like to say “stay healthy, eat well” ..

Please continue to making great music. We love you, and we will support you in all your group and individual activities.

thank you and i wish them good health (mind and body)


Thank you to everybody who participated. If you would like to see all responses, we will keep the form open and public <here>.


  1. Gender percentages from our Instagram advertisements: <51% women> to <71% women>.
  2. On the native language pie graph, we tweaked the data to better present the distribution: dual native languages were counted as 0.5 each; and Chinese variants were combined into “Chinese”.

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