Seoul Drama Awards

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This is news about both Solji and Hani!

The Seoul Drama Awards will be broadcast from 3pm to 5pm on September 15. It will be aired on Wavve in South Korea, and international fans can watch it on MBC Drama’s YouTube channel.[1] Fans within South Korea can register to be in the virtual audience per the instructions on the Instagram post <here>.[2]

Hani’s XX Nominated

The drama XX with Hani has been nominated for the Seoul Drama Awards under the short form category.[3] XX aired from January 22 to February 20 in 2020.[4] If you haven’t watched XX yet, you should watch it. All of the actors and actresses did an amazing and impressive job!

Solji as Cast

Solji is listed as part of the cast alongside Song Gain, Ali, and The Boyz.[5] K-tigers is also listed, in another post.[2] We’re expecting a wonderful performance!


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