Seoul Drama Awards Update

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On September 15 from 3pm to 5pm, the Seoul Drama Awards were broadcast on Wavve and YouTube.[1] Solji and Ali performed “As I Say” as a duet,[2] and XX with Hani won the Special Jury Award.[3] It was a success for both Solji and Hani.

Solji Performance with Ali

Solji and Ali sang “As I Say” together. The video opens with two women in King of Masked Singer costumes who appear to be singing. The costumed performers leave the stage as the curtain opens to reveal Solji and Ali as the actual singers. They continue and sing a powerful rendition of “As I Say”.[2]

Fans may already remember that Solji has won King of Masked Singer six times. She was the first winner as Self-Luminous Mosaic, and she was the eighty-second to eighty-sixth winner as Dongmakgol Girl.[4] Her Dongmakgol girl costume is the one seen on stage at the Seoul Drama Awards.[2]

Ali is also a winner of King of Mask Singer. She was the fortieth to forty-second winner, winning three times. Her costume was Ready to Order, Popcorn Girl.[4] Like Solji’s costume, Ali’s costume is also seen on stage at the Seoul Drama Awards.[2]

Their performance on the 15th is on MBC Drama’s YouTube channel:

Hani in XX

The drama XX with Hani was nominated for the Seoul Drama Awards under the short form category.[1] The drama won the Special Jury Award.[3]

If you haven’t watched XX yet, you should. All of the actors and actresses did an amazing and impressive job! It is available on VLive:


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