Hani in Young Adult Matters

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Update: Tickets are available for purchase from October 15 through October 30 at <http://ticket.biff.kr/>.

Hani stars in the upcoming movie Young Adult Matters. Joining Hani in the film is actress Lee Yoo-mi. The director is Lee Hwan.[1] A release date has not been announced yet, but it will be featured during the 25th Busan International Film Festival, which is from October 21 to October 30.[2]

It is a 127-minute-long drama that tells the story of Sejin, an 18-year-old-girl who is struggling. Adults and the rest of the world don’t understand her, and she doesn’t understand them.[1]

The film is not appropriate for youth; in MPAA terms, it would be rated R.[1] The trailer for the film includes references to self harm, blood, drugs, and smoking.[3]

Check out the trailer below! Trigger warning: self harm, blood, drugs, and smoking.

Exidistic uploaded the trailer with English subtitles:

Because of the lesbian kiss scene in the trailer, Hani trended worldwide on Twitter. She peaked at #13 with almost 50k tweets.[4]


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