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EXID’s albums are B.L.E.S.S.E.D, Bad Girl for You, We, Trouble, Full Moon, Eclipse, Street, Ah Yeah, and Hippity Hop if you’re lucky. Get some of The Market, Makestar, and fansite creations too. Add in some goodies, goodies, and more goodies! Ah, it sounds heavenly! But, as much as they fill our hearts, they… also have to fit in our rooms.

In this Interview with LEGGO, we asked three excellent decorators for tips on how to present our EXID merchandise. We talked to Minh (@jeongismine_102), Nicole (@ExidForever24), and Fiji (@bijfromdanews).

Minh’s display shelves for EXID


Our interviewees gave us many tips for how to decorate our own EXID areas. Each one has different ideas, but there are also similarities. We have carefully read all of their suggestions and meshed them together into an article.

Protect the Photocards

Most importantly, always protect your photocards. It is important to keep them in good condition so that they can be enjoyed for longer. Fiji advises acid free sheets:

Use acid free sheets/toploader for photocards so they’re safe and sound. Everyone needs to do this so they’re kept to their perfect condition.

Fiji (@bijfromdanews)

You can see plastic around some of Nicole’s presented items in her pictures, and Minh has their photocards in a binder. Though neither explicitly mentioned protecting the photocards in their tips, it’s neat to see the “shared braincell” of LEGGOs.


In the tips and the pictures, we noticed that the way our interviewees organize their displays has some similarities. The albums are ordered neatly at the back. In front of them are items that they want to display prominently. Strewn around all of that are little trinkets and other details to add the final touch.

The next tips go into more detail about how to organize your display area.

Order the Albums

It’s recommended to order the albums somehow. Fiji orders hers by release date or album size.

I keep them in a certain order. Either by release date or size of the album. It feels like they are in order that way.

Fiji (@bijfromdanews)

Nicole has hers organized with the most special ones in the center.

For me I like to make my signed/ old albums the centre and most viewed.

Nicole (@Exidforever24)

Have a Centerpiece or Focus

Nicole’s suggestion about special albums in the center brings us to the next tip. Having a centerpiece or focus is a good idea. Fiji recommends a rotating centerpiece so that everything is appreciated in time.

What I would do usually is I change the album that is displayed in front every few weeks or days. So then I can explore the album slowly and memorise it when I feel like it. Since I don’t open them to get the pc then never open it again. But this way, I can ensure to appreciate them xD

[…] I just think it’s cute to do that 🥺 I have a lot of albums and I don’t even play the cds and look at the photobooks so it’s a good way to check it out slowly xD

Fiji (@bijfromdanews)

It’s also an excellent way to save space. Minh displays their most special items.

Since place is small, I try to display the items I like the most, and those are my signed albums. I really like the thought they signed them all with love for fans and treasure them a lot. […]

[…] Personally, I like to put merches or albums where you have a group photo in front, so I can always look at them whenever my eyes caught that corner

Minh (@jeongismine_102)

Add in the Little Details

Add little details and trinkets, and your cute little EXID area is done!

[…] And I use also put the Makestar dolls there since they are so cute

Plus if possible, try to get a mini Lego figure. It is so cool and looks so cute to show the connection between Leggo and EXID

Minh (@jeongismine_102)

Also I like to put the pictures and book marks on like a clothes line I’m going to get lights and a nicer shelf at my new house

Nicole (@Exidforever24)

Do What Works for You

Of course, what works for one person may not work for others.

It really depends on what floats your boat

Fiji (@bijfromdanews)

I think it’s up to everyone themselves how they think they should organise their shelf.

Minh (@jeongismine_102)

At the very least, this is a starting point. Thank you, Minh, Nicole, and Fiji, for the excellent tips! And our dear readers, you can read more in the raw interview transcripts: <Minh>, <Nicole>, and <Fiji>.

Applying the Tips

Now it’s time to apply what we’ve learned. Our administrator needs to decorate his EXID space. Instead of decorating a shelf, he decorates a dresser and the surrounding wall of his bedroom.

What do you think? I think I had some good teachers. 😉

Do you have an EXID display? If you already have one that you are proud of or if you apply these tips, then we’d love to see pictures of it! Be sure to tag us or leave a comment on social media.

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