Stimulate your mind, with EXID

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Welcome back fellow Leggos,
to “Stimulate your mind, with EXID”

With everything going on lately,
wouldn’t it be great to forget your troubles,
even for just a few minutes?
Why not give these challenges a try?
They may be the temporary break you need…

First Challenge:

Spot the eight differences

Photo courtesy of Exidofficial

(Due to Technical Difficulties, You will have to visit the links to play these next 2 puzzles interactively online)

Second Challenge:

EXID Word search
(10 words Leggos see everyday)

Third Challenge:

EXID Cross Word puzzle (Match the Songs to their Albums)

(Bad grammar is needed, as the Album titles will have to run together, Example: ILoveYou)

Answers for last weeks Challenges:

Photo Courtesy of EXIDOfficial
(Photo courtesy of

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