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Despite EXID’s hiatus, they continue to collect new fans. LEGGOs are always happy to see new fans! We wanted to know what attracts them to EXID nowadays. So, I asked.

We found several new fans. Most of them seemed shy, so we weren’t able to interview them. However, one new LEGGO was more than happy to share her new experience with EXID.

New LEGGO’s Interview

She became a LEGGO in early January of this year. Hani’s funny compilation videos are what caught her attention.

Like almost every LEGGO whom we have talked to in the past, her favorite thing about EXID is their friendship and chemistry. Their dorky, funny personality adds to the entertainment factor even more.

What is it like to become a fan during a hiatus? This new LEGGO feels sad because she misses them so much. I was curious if this would cause new fans to leave for newer groups. For the LEGGO we interviewed at least, she will probably stick around.

Someday our patient waiting will pay off.

As an addendum to the interview, I asked what older LEGGOs should do to help newer LEGGOs to appreciate and enjoy EXID more.

It seems important for new LEGGOs to be able to learn about EXID.

Resources for New LEGGOs

LEGGO @Mmg1309 on Twitter made a Twitter thread for new LEGGOs. It is a list of links to shows, videos, channels, and other resources. Check it out <here>!

There are also online fan communities for new LEGGOs to get involved in the fandom. There is a fan Amino, Discord, and Reddit. There are two popular Facebook groups, EXID International LEGGOs Group and EXID Group. LEGGOs are also active on Twitter and Instagram.

New fans are welcome to ask us or any other LEGGO questions. We love talking about EXID, and we are happy to see new LEGGOs join our group! We are a very close, loving, and friendly fandom. (We learned from our idols, hehe!)

To any new fans: welcome to our group!

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