Hyelin Review’s 14F’s Compilation of EXID Performances

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A compilation of EXID’s performances was published by 14F on their YouTube channel on May 14. Comments, interviews, and news snippets supplement the video to tell the story of EXID’s career.[1]

On May 28, a Hyelin reaction video was published. She watches 14F’s compilation video and part of her new music video. She is surprised by video messages from ELLY and Jeonghwa. And she responds to comments under the 14F compilation video.[2]

During the part where Hyelin responds to comments, she is very encouraging to LEGGOs. She reminds us again that EXID is never ending, and our waiting will be rewarded someday.[2]

The summary doesn’t do the video justice. Watch the video. It includes English subtitles for international fans.


  1. 14F compilation video of EXID’s performances: https://youtu.be/ET1PTS1ntTs
  2. Hyelin reaction video: https://youtu.be/W18Cst6B3PE

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