EXID’s Recent Activity Summary for June 2020

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June has been a quiet month, but it feels like the calm before a storm. Especially considering recent activity, LEGGOs are wondering what news is about to break. While we wait, we can enjoy some recent and known upcoming activity of EXID.

Major Recent Activities

🦋🎮🌹🥖🌻 TROUBLE Music Video

Tokuma released the full TROUBLE music video on their YouTube channel on June 11. The song has been released for a couple of years. The preview video was published on March 8, 2019. Only this month has the full video been added to Tokuma’s channel. Oh, and it’s already past a million views! 🎉

Even before the videos, there was curiosity about Hyelin’s orange shirt, Jeonghwa’s orange Instagram posts, and Hani being in a dance studio. Now Tokuma publishes a video with a lot of Orange. Does it mean anything special? Only Tokuma and EXID know right now.

🥖 New Account (on Grip)

Hyelin has created an account on Grip. The app is for selling merchandise interactively. Hyelin is always cute and definitely a great salesperson. Follower her account hyeliniseo_exid on Grip. <more info>

Ongoing Schedules

🥖 Celeb Beauty 3

Hyelin is an MC on Celeb Beauty 3. Celeb Beauty is a close-up review show with beautiful celebrities as hosts. They show their beauty tips and review beauty products. The show is broadcast on KBS Joy every Thursday at 11:50pm. <more info>

🥖 JoJo Club

Hyelin has been an MC on JoJo Club every Monday for a long time. It has always been fun and refreshing. It was aired on Now. Radio every Monday at 8am <here>. <more info> Sadly, the last broadcast with Hyelin will be on June 28.

🥖 Salary Class

Hyelin is on Salary Class on 14f. They share behind-the-scenes money stories of jobs. No schedule has been shared, but it is mostly bi-weekly on Wednesday. <more info>

🥖 Webtoon Tutorial Series

Hyelin and Kim Bosung have been writing webtoons in the tutorial series “웹툰박두 오늘부터 연재합니다”, which can be loosely translated to “Making Upcoming Webtoons Today”. The episodes will be broadcast every Tuesday and Thursday at 5pm on the Webtoon Like YouTube channel. <more info>

Other Recent Activities

🦋 Honorary Employee for Fruits of Love

After becoming an ambassador for Fruits of Love, Solji decided to go through the interview process and work as an honorary employee of Fruits of Love. This is to better understand the charity. <more info>

🦋 This Comfort

Solji sang an OST for the drama Mad for Each Other. Her song titled “This Comfort” (“이 구역의 미친”), was released on various music platforms on June 10. <more info>

🦋 VLog: Playing Golf

The “Friendly Neighbordhood Unnie Heo Sulji”, as she aptly describes herself, has been learning Golf recently. It is her favorite hobby! She published a Vlog about it on June 8. <more info>

🥖 Hyelin Reviews 14F’s Compilation of EXID Performances

14F published a compilation of EXID’s performances over the years. Hyelin did a reaction video that was published on May 28. She watches 14F’s compilation video and part of her new music video. She is surprised by video messages from ELLY and Jeonghwa. And she responds to comments under the 14F compilation video. <more info>

Upcoming Activities

🦋🎮🌹🥖🌻 Japan Concert 2021

There is a possibility of an upcoming Japan concert this year. Whether that happens depends on the COVID-19 pandemic. <source>

🌹 You Raise Me Up

Hani will be in a drama this summer called “You Raise Me Up”. We will write an article about it after there is more information. <source>

🥖 Visible History

Hyelin may be in the upcoming educational show “Visible History” on EBS. For now, this can be classified as a credible rumor. Nothing official has been announced yet. <source>

🌻 One The Woman

Jeonghwa will play Park Soi in the upcoming romantic comedy drama “One The Woman” (which is a pun for “Wonder Woman”) on SBS. The drama will have 20 episodes each 70 minutes long. It will air every Friday and Saturday night at 10pm starting on August 20. <more info>

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