Hani to Play Urologist in Upcoming Romantic Comedy “You Raise Me Up”

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Hani will star in the upcoming romantic comedy “You Raise Me Up” (“유 레이즈 미 업”). There will be eight episodes that will start in the second half of the year.[1]

Hani plays urologist Lee Rudi. She is a beautiful woman who comes from a wealthy family. The only problem she has is that her boyfriend is overconfident.[1]

Rudi’s overconfident boyfriend is Do Jihyuk (played by Park Kiwoong). He runs a psychological counseling center in the same building as Rudi. He was born with a golden spoon and is very handsome. To take her overconfident boyfriend down a few notches, or to humble him, Rudi brags about how great her first love was.[1]

Unexpectedly, Rudi’s first love Do Yongshik (played by Yoon Shiyoon), enters her life again. He is preparing for his civil service exam. He has put on weight and has to get treated by a urologist. For the sake of her own pride, Rudi tries to build up her ex-boyfriend’s self-esteem.[1]

We’ll keep watching this story for updates. The show is sure to be very funny and fun to watch!


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