EXID’s Recent Activity Summary for July 2021

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The past month has not been the busiest, but there are still many activities. There were a couple of sad news stories, but there are even more good news stories, ongoing schedules, and upcoming activities to get excited about!

Recent Activities

🦋 Solji Posts Apology on Fan Cafe

On July 1, Solji posted on EXID’s official fancafe. Her post is a letter to fans. She is sorry for not spending enough time with us and making us lonely. She promises to try harder in the future. And, she loves us very much! <more info>

🦋 Solji’s Vlog: Playing Golf in Simulator

On June 26, Solji posted another golf video on her YouTube channel. In this one, she plays golf in a simulator with her guest. She has really fallen in love with her recent hobby. It’s great that she’s having so much fun! <more info>

🎮 Wooyoo’s Birthday!

Wooyoo is ELLY’s cute and cool pomeranian. He was born July 20, 2016. To celebrate his birthday, many LEGGOs posted happy birthday pictures and messages and tagged ELLY for her and Wooyoo to see.

🌹 Hani Tests Positive for COVID-19

On July 20, Hani was confirmed to have COVID-19. We heard that she was feeling well on the day that she was tested, and we hope that she does not experience bad symptoms. Get well soon, Hani! <more info>

🌻 Jeonghwa in Commercial for Cultwo Chicken

Jeonghwa was one of the two actresses in Cultwo’s commercials for chicken and pizza that started on June 30. Jeonghwa makes the commercial very cute as she argues for pizza being the better of the two. <more info>

Ongoing Schedules

🥖 Celeb Beauty 3

Hyelin is an MC on Celeb Beauty 3. Celeb Beauty is a close-up review show with beautiful celebrities as hosts. They show their beauty tips and review beauty products. The show is broadcast on KBS Joy every other Thursday at 11:50pm. <more info>

🥖 Hyelin’s Grip Account

Last month on June 8, Hyelin created her own Grip account hyeliniseo_exid. Grip is a shopping app wherein hosts present items for sale in a livestream. So far, Hyelin does a show at least every Tuesday at 8pm. <more info>

🥖 Webtoon Tutorial Series

Hyelin and Kim Bosung have been writing webtoons in the tutorial series “웹툰박두 오늘부터 연재합니다”, which can be loosely translated to “Making Upcoming Webtoons Today”. The episodes will be broadcast every Tuesday and Thursday at 5pm on the Webtoon Like YouTube channel. <more info>

Upcoming Schedules

🦋🎮🌹🥖🌻 Japan Concert 2021

There is a possibility of an upcoming Japan concert this year. Whether that happens depends on the COVID-19 pandemic. <source>

🌹 Idol: The Coup

In Idol: The Coup, Hani plays idol Kim Jena of the girl group Cotton Candy. They have been active for six years without being successful. They need a success so that they don’t have to disband. <more info>

🌹 You Raise Me Up

Hani will be in a drama this summer called “You Raise Me Up”. We will write an article about it after there is more information. <more info>

🥖 Hyelin’s New Song

Hyelin’s most recent song, released May 6, was “Lonely”. <more info> On a recent Grip livestream, she revealed that she is already working on her next song. <source>

🥖 Visible History

Hyelin may be in the upcoming educational show “Visible History” on EBS. For now, this can be classified as a credible rumor. Nothing official has been announced yet.

🌻 One The Woman

Jeonghwa will play Park Soi in the upcoming romantic comedy drama “One The Woman” (which is a pun for “Wonder Woman”) on SBS. The drama will have 20 episodes each 70 minutes long. It will air every Friday and Saturday night at 10pm starting on August 20 September 17. <more info>

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