Solji Shares “Drive Live” Video of Herself and Her Brother Juseung (허주승) on Her YouTube Channel

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On August 24, Solji shared a “drive live” video of herself and her older brother Heo Juseung (허주승) on her YouTube channel. They suggest cool songs for the summer and talk about Juseung. (He is single!)

Solji is going to get one of her nails replaced because it fell off. Juseung is on the way to a meeting. They ride together to their respective destinations and spend quality time with each other.

Solji’s brother is 34 years old, runs an Italian restaurant, has blood type A, and is single! Solji and he joke that anyone interested in him should contact one of them!

The songs that the two of them suggest for the summer are “One Summer Drive” by COOL, “Hot Summer” by f(x), “City Escape” by Clon, “Hot Pink” by EXID, “Next Level” by æspa, and “Brother” by NORAZO. Then they listened to Solji’s King of Masked Singer cover of “In a Dream”.

The video is a lot of fun. Solji is a lot of fun to watch and must also be a lot of fun to hang out with! Her brother was also really cool, but she promises that there’s even more to him. She might do a hidden camera prank on him for us soon!

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