EXID’s Activities around September and Mid-October 2021

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We weren’t able to do a summary of activities in September, so we are doing a special one in mid-October. The news here will be from September until October 14. (Sorry, but Solji’s newest songs and video will be in our next summary article!)

Recently, EXID has been very active. LEGGOs have a lot to enjoy from EXID’s solo careers, and last month we saw a couple of the members together too! EXID’s is working hard in their respective careers, but they always show us that they are still together.

For the fans who are too busy to keep up with EXID’s many activities, or for the fans who just want a reminder, let’s dive into the summaries of EXID’s recent activities!

Major Activities

🎮 TRI.BE Releases Veni Vidi Vici

EXID’s ELLY, our idol, is the (co)producer and songwriter for the new girl group TRI.BE. Their third and newest album Veni Vidi Vici was released on October 12! Be sure to check it out and buy a copy. <more info>

There is also a music video for “Would You Run”, a song on the album:

Recent Activities

🦋🥖 Solji and Hyelin Play Golf

In Solji’s September 23 YouTube video, she and Hyelin play virtual golf together. — Oh my god, they look so cute and cool! 😍 — Both women have been playing golf as a hobby. Which one wins their friendly game? <more info>

🦋 “Drive Live” Featuring Brother Juseung

In late August — yes, it’s been that long since our last summary — Solji shared a “Drive Live” video of herself and her older brother Juseung. They suggest cool songs for the summer and talk about Juseung. <more info>

🦋 Cover of “Foolish Love” by MSG

On September 4, Solji shared her cover of the song “Foolish Love” by M.O.M. (M.O.M. are a four-member subunit of MSG Wannabe.) Solji’s cover of the song is very beautiful as always! <more info>

🦋 Cover of “I’m Gonna Change” by Jinwon

On September 30, Solji shared her beautiful voice again with her cover of “I’m Gonna Change” by Jinwon. This was her 24th “Soul Live” video. <our article>

🦋 Legend Music Class: Lalaland

Solji was on episode 9 of “Legend Music Class: Lalaland” on October 5. According to Naver, the show is one where those who are serious about singing go to learn from legendary singers. Channel A’s YouTube channel has snippets from the episode that include Solji singing. <search results>

🌹 Running Man

Hani and costars Yoon Siyoon and Park Kiwoong of “You Raise Me Up” were in the September 5 episode of Running Man. They played funny games. Hani was very cute. <more info>

🌹 You Raise Me Up

Hani starred in the romantic comedy “You Raise Me Up” (“유 레이즈 미 업”) as urologist Lee Rudi. After bragging to her boyfriend about her ex, she meets her ex again when he becomes her patient. To save her pride, she has to build him up. Eight episodes were released on Wavve on August 31st. <more info>

🥖 Hyelin Returned to School

Hyelin returned to college in September! <source>

Hyelin previously studied at the Broadcasting and Entertainment department of Dongduk Women’s University. She paused her studies during her fourth year. We assume that she went back to complete that degree.

Ongoing Schedules

🦋 The Listen: The Wind Blows

Solji is one of the vocal goddesses in SBS’s new program “The Listen: The Wind Blows”. The group of vocalists travel to locations in the beautiful city of Mokpo to sing. Their songs console viewers during this hard time. Joining Solji are vocalists Kim Nayoung, Casey, Seunghee of Oh My Girl, and HYNN. <more info>

🥖 Grip App

Hyelin continues to broadcast from her Grip App account. She does a show at least every Tuesday at 8pm. The app is for showing products for viewers to purchase, but Hyelin also uses the app to connect with fans and share personal updates. <more info>

🥖 Leader’s Day

Leader’s Day is a reality show where five secretaries follow the lives of leaders to discover what makes them successful. Hyelin is one of the secretaries. An episode comes out every Tuesday at 8pm on the iHQ channel. <more info>

🥖 “Public Relations (PR) 22 Team” Web Series

Hyelin joins the team of PR 22! They will promote a business until they are number 2! Joining Hyelin are gamer legend Hong Jinho and fromis_9 members Song Hayoung, Lee Chaeyoung, and Roh Jisun. The web series is constant comedy! <more info>

🥖 “You Told Us to Develop” Comedy Series

Hyelin, along with comedians Hwang Jesung and Shin Kyujin, are in aboutPet’s comedy series “You Told Us to Develop”. The title is a pun that can also be translated as “Dog Valhalla Cat”. The series is about a startup company that makes pet goods. It is half skit… but it is also half real! <more info>

🌻 One The Woman

Jeonghwa plays Park Soi in the romantic comedy drama “One The Woman” (which is a pun for “Wonder Woman”) on SBS. The drama will have 20 episodes each 70 minutes long. It started on September 17, and a new episode is broadcast every Friday and Saturday night at 10pm. <more info>

Upcoming Schedules

🦋🎮🌹🥖🌻 Japan Concert 2021

There is a possibility of a Japan concert this year. Whether that happens depends on the COVID-19 pandemic. <source>

🦋 Professor Solji at Yong-in Arts & Science University

Solji is a new professor at the Yong-in Arts & Science University. She will be teaching in the Practical Music Vocals Department starting the first semester of 2022. <more info>

🌹 Idol: The Coup

In Idol: The Coup, Hani plays idol Kim Jena of the girl group Cotton Candy. They have been active for six years without being successful. They need a success so that they don’t have to disband. <more info>

We have more information about Idol: The Coup. A new article will be out soon!

🥖 Visible History

Hyelin may be in the upcoming educational show “Visible History” on EBS. There was a hint about this last October, but we have not had an update on the story since February. It may still happen, so we are still watching for updates. <source>

🥖 Webtoon Tutorial Series

Hyelin and Kim Bosung wrote webtoons in the tutorial series “웹툰박두 오늘부터 연재합니다”, which can be loosely translated to “Making Upcoming Webtoons Today”. The series is over, but we can still hope for the webtoon to be released. <more info>

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