EXID’s Activities from January 24 to February 24, 2022

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Hani and Hyelin continue their usual activities. Solji releases an album and plans a concert. There is much for LEGGOs to enjoy!

We won’t include Solji’s recent album promotions here as they were after February 24, but we will keep our readers updated in another way until our March summary article. We will update our calendar soon to include Solji’s promotional activities, and we will soon start sharing a weekly summary of them.

Enjoy these recent and upcoming activities of EXID:

Major Updates

🎮🌹🌻 Original Six-Member Ten Year Debut Anniversary

EXID started as a six-member girl group. The members were UJI, Hyeyeon (Dami), ELLY, Hani, Haeryeong, and Jeonghwa. Their debut performance was on February 14, 2012 on the square in front of Woori Bank in Meyong-dong. This year, they celebrate their ten year debut anniversary. <more info>

🦋 “First Letter” Mini Album

On February 25 at 6pm, Solji releases her first mini album titled “First Letter”. The songs are available on most music sites, and a physical CD can be purchased. <more info>

Enjoy this music video for Solji’s song “Fade Away” from the album:

Ongoing Activities

🌹 Hani Continues to Model for Several Products

Hani is the model for Nareun and Needin. Between Hani’s posts and the posts of these companies, there are many updates with Hani to enjoy. Scroll through their Instagrams for many Hani pictures.

🥖 Celeb Beauty Live Shopping Streams

Though the show Celeb Beauty Plus ended on December 13, the MC’s continue to host shopping livestreams. To watch these livestreams, visit or subscribe to <https://shoppinglive.naver.com/channels/67091>.

🥖 Grip App

Hyelin continues to broadcast from her Grip App account. She does a show at least every Tuesday at 8pm. The app is for showing products for viewers to purchase, but Hyelin also uses the app to connect with fans and share personal updates. <more info>

🥖 Your Ball, My Ball

Starting February 11, Hyelin co-hosts the golf show “Your Ball, My Ball” (니뽈내뽈), specifically the “Winter Training” series. It is an entertainment program centered around golf but also introduces restaurants and accommodations near the popular golf courses in Korea. <more info>

Other Recent Activities

🦋 Fruits of Love closes campaign with 427.9 billion won collected

Solji was appointed a public relations ambassador for Fruits of Love last year (2021) in April. Recently, Fruits of Love held their “Hope 2022 Sharing Campaign” from December 2021 through January 2022. In those two months, 427.9 billion Korean won was collected, which is approximately $357.3 million USD. <more info>

🌹 Hani Cameo in Ghost Doctor

Hani made a special appearance in the seventh episode of “Ghost Doctor” on January 24. She plays actress Lee Jiwoo and singer Jessica. This is a special cameo because her brother Taehwan is a supporting actor in the show and plays cardiothoracic surgeon Kim Jaewon. <source>

🥖 Special Episodes of PR 22 Team

Hyelin joined Public Relations (PR) 22 Team in July. There were 9 episodes, one every Thursday from July 22 to September 16. The idea was to promote a business until they became #2. <more info>

From December 24 through February 4, special episodes of the series with Hyelin were released every Friday at 5:22pm. The videos can be seen on the PR22 YouTube channel <here>.

💛 LEGGOs Rewards Raffle

In December, we accepted stories from LEGGOs for chances to win some great prizes. Winners have been receiving their prizes in the mail over the past couple of weeks. Congratulations to those winners, and we hope that you enjoy the goodies! <more info>

Upcoming Schedules

🦋 Professor at Yong-in Arts & Science University

Solji is a new professor at the Yong-in Arts & Science University. She will be teaching in the Practical Music Vocals Department starting the first semester of 2022, which starts in March. <more info>

🦋 “First Letter” Concert

Solji will be performing at Baekam Art Hall on March 26 and 27. It will be an offline concert. Tickets for the concert can be purchased on Ticket Link.

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