Happy Birthday Hani: Fans Celebrate Their Idol’s Birthday on May 1

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Hani turns 31 by Korean counting (30 by most international counting) on May 1. She was born May 1, 1992. Hani has many adoring fans who will be of course be celebrating her special day. Some of the celebrations are listed below.

We hope that Hani has a very wonderful day. She deserves it! Let’s celebrate today the birth of a true idol, our EXID Hani.

Personal Gifts

LEGGO News, le_gyaeisseo, and shining_jeonghwa are sending Hani some letters and personal gifts. The gifts are mostly attire that will match Jeonghwa’s gifts. We think that she will enjoy them. They look so cute! (Someone may share pictures later.)

We have seen that other fans sent gifts too.

Various Well-Wishes

Individual fans are taking to social media to wish Hani a happy birthday. For many examples, check hashtag #HAPPY_HANI_DAY on Twitter and Instagram. TikTok users such as @hani.tok are also posting something special for Hani’s birthday.

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