Vote for Solji & Juseung in Round 2 of Fantastic Family

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After stealing the show with their duet on Episode 3 of Fantastic Family, Solji and her brother Juseung have the opportunity to move on to the King of Kings match in Round 2. On June 2nd, the show started a poll for who audiences all over the world would like to see progress to the next round. The poll is important because it counts toward 30% percent of the final results.

So how can LEGGOs vote? We recommend that you download the TTJA app where the voting takes place, but do NOT sign up just yet. When you sign up normally, you earn 100 hearts automatically. Those hearts are used to vote, so we need as many as possible to get Solji and Juseung to first place on the poll.

Here’s how we do it. For anyone who already has an account, there is an event going on where you can send an invitation link to someone who does not have an account, and both parties receive 200 hearts when that new account is made. So not only do you get 100 hearts automatically for signing up, you also get 200 hearts by using someone’s invitation link. Combine that with the 200 hearts the other person receives, and that’s 500 hearts altogether!

If you don’t already have an account, you can use this invitation link to sign up for one. Once you’ve made a profile and voted, you can send other LEGGOs your own invitation link, or repeat the process if you have more than one email address.

Below is a Twitter thread with step by step instructions on how to sign up and vote. We have until June 16th—let’s do this for Solji and Juseung!

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