EXID Holds FAN-CON to Celebrate 10th Anniversary of Debut on October 29

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On October 29 at 6pm, EXID will be holding their 10th anniversary FAN-CON. The event will be at the Yes24 Live Hall.[1] The event is two hours long.[2]

The FAN-CON comes shortly after EXID’s new album “X” is released on September 29. Pre-orders for the album are available on multiple sites, but we recommend <https://www.ktown4u.com/eventsub?eve_no=5687764&biz_no=220> for a 40% discount and other good benefits.[3][4]

Ticket Purchase

Tickets can be purchased starting September 22 at 7pm.[1]

Off-line, in-person, tickets can be purchased for 110,000₩ at Yes24. When ticket sales open, visit <http://ticket.yes24.com/New/Notice/NoticeMain.aspx#id=12165>.[1]

Online tickets can be purchased for 40,000₩ at STAYG. When ticket sales open, visit <https://www.stayg.tv/channel/live/detail/10070>.[1] This link is suggested for international fans.


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