Summary of EXID’s Promotions for “X” Album

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EXID released their album “X” on September 29. It is very much loved and very successful. We are so proud of them!

Check out our article the album “X” <here>. We share the music video, the song lyrics, and other interesting information in that article.

We list the promotions for the album here. If you missed any, we have you covered.

Show and YouTube Appearances

EXID has chosen not to promote their new songs on music shows “because [they’re] old”, but there are a number of other promotions that fans enjoy.

Sept 30 – Kwon Hyuksoo’s Pirate Broadcasting

EXID joined Kown Hyksoo for on his YouTube channel. He made two episodes to fit all of the content. Jeonghwa’s new nickname of “Park Anus” and much more was shared in these videos!

Oct 1 – GQ

GQ shared a video of EXID on October 1. They share what they are carrying in their purses. One of Jeonghwa’s items makes Hani cry.

Oct 4 – Killing Voice

EXID sang many of their songs on “Killing Voice” including “L.I.E.”, “Ah Yeah”, “Hot Pink”, “Up and Down”, and their new song “IDK”. EXID is incredibly impressive live.

Also check out the behind-the-scenes video:

Oct 5 – Weekly Idol

EXID on Weekly Idol is always super funny! They have been on the show in the past, and they came back on episode number 582.

There is also a “Weekly Playlist” video from the same event. It is a compilation of a few EXID songs. Of course, EXID sings live as usual.

Check out all of the other related videos on the channel. The “Idol Gap” one is another really cute and cool one:

Oct 5 – Naver Vibe “Party Room”

EXID was live on Naver Vibe’s Party Room. A generous LEGGO recorded the event and tweeted a link for any who missed it to enjoy it too.

Oct 6 – LeoJ Makeup YouTube

Hani appeared on the LeoJ Makeup YouTube channel. LeoJ and Hani chatted and LeoJ did her makeup. Many interesting topics came up including what Hani has to say to those criticizing her relationship with her older boyfriend.

Oct 8 – Ggon Daehee’s Let’s Eat

EXID joined Ggon Daehee on his YouTube show “Let’s Eat”. It was awkward and funny.

Oct 14 – MBC Radio

EXID’s appearance on MBC Radio can be watched on their YouTube channel.

Oct 20 – Tipsy Live

EXID’s singing of “Hot Pink” while tipsy is very famous. Now we can enjoy “Fire” and a few other songs in this hilarious “Tipsy Live”!

Oct 27 – Cultwo Show

EXID was on the CulTwo show. Songs were sang, spoilers were given, and jokes were made. EXID are always great on these types of shows!

Visit the SBS Radio YouTube channel for various videos that are snippets of the show.


EXID loves and misses their fans, so of course fan sign events were scheduled!

There have been four fansign events hosted by four companies:

  • October 3 – SoundWave
  • October 3 – MusicPlant
  • October 8 – MusicArt
  • October 8 – MusicKorea

Many lucky LEGGOs chatted with the EXID members on those dates.


Oct 24 – Vanity Teen Magazine

EXID interviewed with Vanity Teen Magazine. The interview they shared is in English. Read more <here>!

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