Solji Joins Winter Celebration “Winter Festa 2022” with Her “Solist” Concert on December 23

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“Winter Festa 2022” is a set of concerts at the end of the year to give us warmth and excitement during this winter. Seven talented singers and groups will perform their own concerts between December 22 and December 31. Our idol Solji’s concert is among them.

All of the concerts in the “Winter Festa 2022” are:

  • December 22 – “Melting Pot” by Ozone
  • December 22 – “Solist” by Solji
  • December 24 – [not yet announced] by Hong Daekwang
  • December 28 – “Dark, Winter” by Zitten
  • December 29 – “Standing Egg” by Earmuffs
  • December 30 & 31 – “Again, First” by Kim Nayeong

All of these concerts are held in the COEX Conference Room 401 on their respective days.

Solji’s concert on December 22 starts at 8pm and is expected to last for two hours. LEGGOs and Mandoos should attend if possible. It will be a very warming concert. In-person tickets are available at Interpark and Yes24 for 110,000 KRW.

The other concerts may also be interesting. Solji has prior interactions with Kim Nayeong in the 2021 SBS series “The Listen: Wind Blows“. While their concerts are on separate days, is it always interesting to see reunions in official activities.


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