EXID Wishes Fans a Happy New Year

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Happy New Year, LEGGOs! 2022 was a year we’ll never forget as it was filled with happy memories from EXID’s 10th anniversary comeback. Below you’ll see how each of the members spent the last hours of 2022, as well as their wishes for a happy & healthy 2023.


Solji had a rough end to 2022. She tested positive for COVID-19 and had to cancel her “Solist” Concert that was scheduled for December 23rd. On Instagram, she posted behind the scene photos from her special live clip of “The Days We Were Us” and congratulated everyone on doing a great job in 2022. LEGGOs can also check out her written message from C-JeS Entertainment’s New Year’s greeting video that all artists under their label participated in.

Solji posted on Fancafe as well to let LEGGOs know she feels sorry for the cancellation of her concert, but she is healthy and doing well now. She prays that 2023 will be a healthy year, both mentally and physically. She also wishes to greet LEGGOs with better appearances in 2023. In each of her New Year’s greetings, she told us that she loves us. ❤️

ELLY and Hani

ELLY and Hani each shared short messages on their Instagram stories. Their messages were similar; to have a Happy New Year, and they love us! Elly thanked her fans, and Hani wished for everyone to be happier this year.

Hani and her co-stars also wished fans of Fanta G Spot a Happy New Year via a video on Coupang Play’s Twitter page! LEGGOs can watch Fanta G Spot on the Coupang Play app or Rakuten Viki.


On New Year’s Eve, Hyelin posted her results from three different personality quizzes to her Instagram story. Although it’s not technically a New Year’s greeting, it’s definitely a fun way to pass time. As always, Hyelin is “my way” amongst the EXID members! If you’d like to join in and compare your results to Hyelin’s, here are the links to the 2023 Personal Color Test, Smile Dating Test, and Chaebol House Test!


Jeonghwa made two posts on her Instagram. On New Year’s Eve, she shared photos of herself reflected in a mirror, a Christmas tree that hadn’t been taken down yet, the snow outside, what she was eating and drinking, the sunset, and her dog Mocha sleeping—all these little moments to close out the year. In her second post, she said goodbye to 2022, a year that was especially precious.


Yes, even Mocha wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year via her Instagram story! Thank you Mocha, you’re so talented.


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