LEGGOs Celebrate Solji’s Birthday January 10

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Happy birthday to our idol Solji of EXID!

Solji was born January 10, 1989. She is 35 years old by Korean counting; she is 34 years old by international age counting.

Fan Support

Unfortunately, LEGGO News could not afford a major support project this year because we spent our budget on the “X” comeback. We hope to do more for Solji next year. This year, we are just among the many simply cheering for the idol we love.

The other fan celebrations that we know of are listed below.

Social Media Birthday Wishes

Our precious idol is loved dearly by many people. This can be seen from the many happy birthday wishes on social media. Check out Solji’s tagged posts on Instagram or the #HappySoljiDay hashtag on Twitter.

LEGGO Pictures Support

At various locations in Taiwan, LEGGOs can get pictures of themselves for Solji’s birthday support. Their submitted pictures will be sent to Solji as a show of support for her birthday.


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