EXID Interviews with Rolling Stone Korea

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On January 31st, Rolling Stone Korea released an interview and photoshoot with EXID, titled “EXID, The 10 Year Journey,” for their upcoming 10th issue. Altogether, there is a gorgeous photoshoot and written interview for Rolling Stone Korea’s magazine and website, as well as a YouTube interview of the members on the set of their photoshoot. Unfortunately, Solji could not attend this schedule as she was not feeling well at the time. This is EXID’s first time being interviewed by Rolling Stone, so we hope there will be more opportunities in the future where all five members can participate!

The webzine interview is only available in Korean at this time, but an English translation might be added later. To summarize, the members shared memories from the last 10 years as a group, what they’ve been up to since [X] promotions ended, their goals for the new year, and what they think the next 10 years will look like. Selina Yoo, the interviewer, made it a point to mention EXID’s infectious energy as conversation topics bounced in all directions without a break. Their stories are those of people who went beyond being colleagues to becoming close friends and family.

EXID talked a lot about the hardships they faced before “Up & Down’s” chart reversal. Elly said that those times were the most memorable because their future as a group was not guaranteed, so they had no choice but to stick together. Hani said that being with the members turned the difficult moments into funny and enjoyable memories. EXID were asked what they’d like to say to LEGGOs, and their answers varied from being thankful to apologetic. Overall, they’re grateful that LEGGOs have stood by them after all these years, and they’ll continue to work hard in order to meet us again in the future.

Elly also dropped some pretty big news. She said that this year she will finally release her solo album after putting it off for some time. We look forward to her unreleased song, “On the Low,” and much, much more!

Below you can watch the filmed portion of EXID’s Rolling Stone interview on YouTube. The questions this time are less serious, so LEGGOs can enjoy learning about the members’ favorite songs, how they would describe EXID in one word, what’s on their bucket list, and more.

Hani and Jeonghwa also blessed us with some extra behind-the-scene photos from the pictorial. We can’t wait to see how they’ll come out!


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