EXID’s Recent Activities from January 24 to February 24

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Follow EXID on their social media accounts for their regular updates that include beautiful poses, delicious foods, fun times, and their newest schedules. In the past month, EXID has shared these updates on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Fantrie. Follow them to never miss out.

Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with everything going on, so we have the official schedules to watch for listed below.

Upcoming Activities

🦋 SIX The Musical

SIX is a musical comedy wherein the six wives of King Henry VIII sing in a pop concert. They sing about their lives, arguing who suffered the most and should become the group’s lead singer. The show comes to South Korea this year from March through June.<Wikipedia>

Solji plays Katherine Howard, one of King Henry VIII’s six wives. If in Korea, be sure to get tickets to the musical on one of the nights when Solji is performing. The cast schedule is on the ticket page. <ticket>


Jeonghwa is cast as the former soccer player Hayeong (“하영”) in the upcoming movie “FEVER”. The movie is about the humanism of restarting after experiencing growing pains in the 20’s. The movie is expected to be released in 2023. <source>

🌻 Mask Girl

Jeonghwa plays Lee Areum in the upcoming Netflix drama “Mask Girl”. It is based on the webtoon of the same name. The series is tentatively scheduled to be released in June 2023. <source>

Ongoing Activities

🦋 Boys Planet

Solji is one of the coaches for Mnet’s show “Boys Planet”. It is a singing competition show, and a new kpop group will be formed from the winners. The show premiered February 2, and it will continue every Thursday until April 20.

A comprehensive source of information about the show is of course the Namu wiki. This is linked in lieu of the article that we… didn’t make time to write. 🙁<wiki>

🌹 Call It Love

Hani plays Kang Minyoung in the new Disney+ romantic melodrama “Call It Love”. The plot centers around another character named Wooji whose life falls apart after her family home is sold by her estranged father’s mistress after his death. Wooji vows revenge, but a romance blooms with the mistresses’ son Dongjin instead. Hani’s role in the series is the cheating ex-girlfriend of Dongjin. <more info>

🥖 Hyelin Does It for You

Hyelin continues to publish beauty product reviews in her series “Hyelin Does it For You” on YouTube channel Studio Codic. The name is a clever pun in Korean with the verb intentionally misspelled to resemble Hyelin’s name. <more info>

The one video since our last summary article was shared at the end of January. Hyelin shares how she takes care of herself in her 30’s. <video>

Other Recent Activities

🎮🌹🥖🌻 Rolling Stone Korea Interview

On January 31st, Rolling Stone Korea released an interview and photoshoot with EXID, titled “EXID, The 10 Year Journey,” for their upcoming 10th issue. <more info>

🎮 “W.A.Y” by TRI•BE

TRI.BE released their 2nd mini album W.A.Y with the title track “We Are Young” on February 14th. ELLY is credited for writing and composing on “We Are Young” and “Wonderland.” ELLY shared her “We Are Young” audio guide on Twitter. <more info>

🌻 The Interest of Love

Jeonghwa made a cameo in episode 16 of drama series “The Interest of Love”. She plays the blind date that meets main character Ha Sangsoo for coffee. Sadly, it doesn’t work out between them.

JTBC shared the date on YouTube, but it is not available in every country. <video>

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