ELLY Signs with TR Entertainment

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On March 17, TR Entertainment announced that EXID’s ELLY has signed an exclusive contract with them. They promise to fully support ELLY in many ways as well as in the release of her solo album.

ELLY has already been working under TR Entertainment as a producer alongside longtime coworker Shinsadong Tiger who is also a producer. Recently, the two have worked together to create the songs for the girl group TRI.BE who is also under TR Entertainment.

About the contract, both TR Entertainment and ELLY have released statements:

We joined together based on strong trust after working with ELLY as producer of our company’s affiliated group TRI.BE. In addition to our company releasing ELLY’s solo album, we will unsparingly support her to show her many natural charms. In support of ELLY’s new start, please show love and interest to ELLY who will continue with TR Entertainment going forward.

– TR Entertainment

I am happy to be with TR Entertainment, which which I have connected deeply through various collaborations including TRI.BE’s songs. We will deliver positive energy through good music, so please look forward to it.


LEGGOs are excited to have yet another mention of ELLY’s future solo album. Is this the year that we finally get it? Let’s look forward to this and everything else that ELLY will be doing soon. Let’s give her our full support as fans.


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