EXID’s Recent Activities from March 24 to April 24

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As always, there has been content to love from EXID members. Even though there are no group activities in the past month, unless you count group pictures and dinners, there are several activities to enjoy for each member individually. Please continue to support our loving idols.

Upcoming Activities

🌹 Hani’s Birthday

Hani was born May 1, 1992. Let’s celebrate with excitement! Soon we’ll have an article up with how LEGGOs are celebrating Hani’s birthday.


Jeonghwa is cast as the former soccer player Hayeong (“하영”) in the upcoming movie “FEVER”. The movie is about the humanism of restarting after experiencing growing pains in the 20’s. The movie is expected to be released this year. <source>

🌻 Jeonghwa’s Birthday

Jeonghwa was born May 8, 1995. Are you excited to celebrate the maknae’s birthday? We’ll compile a list of the celebrations of fans soon.

🌻 Mask Girl

Jeonghwa plays Lee Areum in the upcoming Netflix drama “Mask Girl”. It is based on the webtoon of the same name. The series is tentatively scheduled to be released in June this year. <source>

Ongoing Activities

🦋 SIX The Musical

SIX is a musical comedy wherein the six wives of King Henry VIII sing in a pop concert. They sing about their lives, arguing who suffered the most and should become the group’s lead singer. The show comes to South Korea this year from March through June.<Wikipedia>

Solji plays Katherine Howard, one of King Henry VIII’s six wives. If in Korea, be sure to get tickets to the musical on one of the nights when Solji is performing. The cast schedule is on the <ticket page> and on the Instagram <@sixthemusical_kr>. However, Solji has a substitute in April and does not perform because of her ankle injury.

Other Recent Activities

🎮 ELLY Signs with TR Entertainment

On March 17, TR Entertainment announced that EXID’s ELLY has signed an exclusive contract with them. They promise to fully support ELLY in many ways as well as in the release of her solo album. <article>

🌹 Noblesse Korea

Hani is a model for Nobless Korea. A pictorial was released on April 10. <pictorial>

🥖 Delicious Guys

Hyelin was a host for the iHQ production “Delicious Guys” on April 20. The show is a mukbang entertainment program that has been going on for eight years. It is broadcast every Friday at 8pm. <source>

🌻p.02 YouTube Start (2)

Jeonghwa started her YouTube channel last month. Her second video was shared on April 1. It is part two of her starting her new YouTube channel. <article> <video>

🌻 p.03 Spring, Cherry Blossoms, Mocha

In Part 3, of Jeonghwa’s YouTube vlog, she shows us Mocha and cherry blossoms. Mocha is Jeonghwa’s super cute dog. She is the topic of the first half of the video. In the second half, Jeonghwa visits Namsan, a mountain near the center of Seoul, to enjoy the beautiful flowers. <article> <video>

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