EXID’s Activities from April 24 through August 24

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Hello everyone! LEGGO News is back to being active. We took a short break due to our admin’s life changes then another short break for a trip to South Korea. Now let’s get back to updating everyone about EXID’s activities starting with what we missed.

Below are the major updates to catch up on. Of course, there were social media posts, interviews, and photoshoots too. We hope that everyone is following EXID to be notified of those updates too.

Movies and Shows

🦋 SIX The Musical

Solji played Katherine Howard, one of King Henry VIII’s six wives, in the musical comedy SIX. In the musical, the wives sing about their lives and argue about who suffered the most and should become the group’s lead singer. The show came to South Korea this year from March through June.

🌹 (Ongoing) Three Days of Rain

Hani plays Nan and Lina in the play “Three Days of Rain”. The play starts in Manhattan in the 1990’s and follows two siblings and their childhood friend as they try to figure out their recently-deceased father’s will. The second act travels back in time to the 1960’s and follows the previous generation, answering the mysteries.

The play is still ongoing, and Hani’s acting is superb. Tickets can be bought on the Interpark website. <https://tickets.interpark.com/goods/23007658>

🌻 (Upcoming) FEVER

Jeonghwa is cast as the former soccer player Hayeong (“하영”) in the upcoming movie “FEVER”. The movie is about the humanism of restarting after experiencing growing pains in the 20’s. The movie is expected to be released this year. <source>

🌻 Mask Girl

Jeonghwa plays Lee Areum in the Netflix drama “Mask Girl”. It is based on the webtoon of the same name. The series can be watched right now on Netflix. Jeonghwa is in the first two episodes.


🦋 Behind SIX The Musical

Solji shares behind-the-scenes of the musical she played in: SIX The Musical. She introduces other actors of the musical. It’s very fun. <https://youtu.be/7TR1FuuKthI>

🦋 Behind the Scenes of Solji’s Last Performance of SIX The Musical

Solji shares the preparation for her role in the play. Then she shares a little bit of her fun performance. After the play, she shares the gifts that fans gave for her and the rest of the staff. <https://youtu.be/mHMoNRwdgJs>

🥖 Tokyo V-Log & Mukbang

Hyelin traveled to Tokyo in June. She gained 7kg, but what is travel without eating too much? See all the delicious foods that EXID’s foodie Hyelin enjoyed in this video. <https://youtu.be/w8g3j83EyMk>

🥖 Tokyo V-Log (Disney Land)

Hyelin shares her visit to Tokyo Disney Land and the food she ate on the way there. It’s a magical place with a magical person. <https://youtu.be/HSKWpefTVg8>

🥖 EXID Japan Tour & Fire

Hyelin releases some footage of the EXID Japan Tour and Fire comeback that happened a year ago. The “X” album was EXID’s best-selling album in the first day, so it’s especially neat to see the behind-the-scenes of that. <https://youtu.be/_-L-9z61ee0>

🌻 p.04 Watching, Feeling, and Enjoying

In page 4 of Jeonghwa’s story, she enjoys art exhibits, a palace, and delicious food. She thinks “it’s very interesting and precious to be able to see something, feel it, and enjoy it”. Watch her video here: <https://youtu.be/3Ia-6tmY8Lo>

🌻 p.05 The 8th “Chukryeongsan Mountain”

In page 5 of Jeonghwa’s story, she takes us with her to hike up Chukryeongsan near Namyangju. Jeonghwa likes mountains and hikes a lot. Enjoy the beautiful views and nice hike with Jeonghwa. <https://youtu.be/SUScCdqcuyw>

🌻 p.06 Jeonghwa in Bangkok: work

In page 6 of Jeonghwa’s story, she travels to Bangkok for her work schedule. This is the first of two videos of her in Bangkok. Enjoy! <https://youtu.be/Zrb88gVMHBs>

🌻 p.07 Jeonghwa in Bangkok: Life

In page 7 of Jeonghwa’s story, she continues her trip to Bangkok. The weather is nice, the water is perfect, and the tourism is cool. She also is recognized by a fan there and has a nice interaction with them. <https://youtu.be/W2iMKR4LTkI>

🌻 p.08 A tearful 29-year-old birthday party

In page 8 of Jeonghwa’s story, she shares her birthday celebrations with her best friend of twelve years Jin Hyewon. It’s really great seeing Jeonghwa so happy. <https://youtu.be/zS2KxfuWH7c>

🌻 p.09 Whoz that girl?!

In page 9 of Jeonghwa’s story, she meets up with the other members of EXID. This girl group has the best chemistry between members. <https://youtu.be/zgUV4nNZ-TE>

🌻 p.10 First festival of my life

In page 10 of Jeonghwa’s story, she goes to a music festival for the first time with her friends. She starts off in the metro on the way there and shows off her cute outfit. Then they make it to the festival, and Jeonghwa has a very good time there. At the end, they enjoy some delicious food. <https://youtu.be/xugZW-wl8_I>

🌻 p.11 A little sloppy cooking and unboxing

In page 11 of Jeonghwa’s story, she prepares a meal and unboxes her new computer. The video starts with her about to go into the E-Mart to buy groceries. Once home, she shows us how she prepares the meal. At the end of the video, she shows us her new computer that she will use for her YouTube channel. <https://youtu.be/mn04pQX1SNo>

Other Activities

🥖 Hyelin’s Birthday

Hyelin celebrated her thirtieth birthday on August 23. Fans around the world celebrated with social media posts, cakes, and local parties.

One especially meaningful celebration was at Myeonmok Welfare Center. Hyelin and eight LEGGOs (including her mom) donated to the center and volunteered by teaching kids how to prepare gimbap.

🥖 Hyelin Left SidusHQ

Fans have noticed that Hyelin is no longer listed on the sidusHQ website and they did not wish her a happy birthday this year. Her contract would have expired recently, and it seems as though it was not renewed. We will have to wait to hear from Hyelin for more information about this.

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