EXID’s Activities August 24 through September 24

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EXID continues to give us great content from their solo activities, yet they still remind us they are together by working together sometimes, such as when Jeonghwa and Solji participated in a baseball game together.

This has been a really lovely month for EXID, and a little birdie told me there are more lovely things to come soon. While we wait for that future, let’s take a look again at what we have been given for the past month.

Upcoming Activities

🌹 Mindset

Mindset is a daily self-care app that offers a range of tools and resources to help people take care of their mental well-being. One of those resources is content from celebrities wherein they share their own experiences and insights on mental health. Hani is soon to be one of the celebrities on the Mindset app. <Instagram teaser post>


Jeonghwa is cast as the former soccer player Hayeong (“하영”) in the upcoming movie “FEVER”. The movie is about the humanism of restarting after experiencing growing pains in the 20’s. The movie is expected to be released this year. <source>

Ongoing Activities

🌹 Those Who Cross the Line

Since August 20, Hani has been an MC on the MBC show “Those Who Cross the Line” along with Jeon Hyunmoo (전현무) and Yoo Byungjae (유병재). The show invites subject experts to help share the stories in various works of art. <program webpage>

🌹 Three Days of Rain

Hani plays Nan and Lina in the play “Three Days of Rain”. The play starts in Manhattan in the 1990’s and follows two siblings and their childhood friend as they try to figure out their recently-deceased father’s will. The second act travels back in time to the 1960’s and follows the previous generation, answering the mysteries.

The play is still ongoing, and Hani’s acting is superb. Tickets can be bought on the Interpark website. <https://tickets.interpark.com/goods/23007658>

Other Recent Activities

🦋 Bohemian Yongsody

Solji joined Kim Yongmyung for episodes 9-12 of his show “Bohemian Yongsody”. They talked about breakups and exes in preparation for Solji’s then-upcoming song “So Far Away”. Many fun moments happened on the show including Solji texting her ex-boyfriend. <channel>

🦋 King of Masked Singer

Solji returned to King of Masked Singer as a celebrity judge on September 10. Solji was the winner of the show’s pilot episode, and she is the five times consecutive winner of later episodes. This time, instead of competing, she will be one of the judges. <source>

🦋 Mr. Lotto

Solji was a guest on the August 24 episode of the TV Chosun show “Mr. Lotto”. It is a spin-off of “Mr. Trot 2” that brings back the top seven competitors to compete against “golden knights” and win prizes for their fans. Solji joined the show for this episode as one of those golden knights. <program webpage>

🦋 So Far Away

Solji’s song “So Far Away”, a mournful ballad for those who have gone through a heartbreaking breakup, was released on August 31. The song was released after promoting it with the show “Bohemian Yongsody” for four episodes. <video>

🎮 “Text You”

On September 7, R&B artist Babylon released his newest album colors. The fourth song on the album, titled “Text You”, features EXID’s ELLY. <more info>

🌹 Sublime’s Naver Post

On August 28, Sublime shared “beautiful and pure white angel” Hani’s pictures in a Naver post. The text tells the story the angel who came down to the human world and had a great time wandering around. The pictures show us that angel. <post>

🥖 Cafe Homes

On September 10, Hyelin promoted Cafe Homes by going to work in one of their pop-up cookie and coffee stores. For a full two hours (because Hyelin arrived half an hour early), fans could come see Hyelin and order treats from the store. <instagram post>

🥖 INNISFREE Beach Clean Up

Near the end of August, Hyelin joined others for a 2-day, 1-night trip to Yangyang sponsored by INNISFREE and DAZE DAYS. The group had fun surfing, cleaning up trash on the beach, and enjoying a nice meal. Hyelin received many compliments from fans both about her swimsuit pictures and her good activities. <Instagram post>

🌻 Vlog Part 12

Published on September 12, Jeonghwa’s latest vlog takes us to a baseball game. The teams playing are the Kiwoom Heroes and the Samsung Lions. She is joined by EXID’s Solji who will be throwing the game’s first pitch to batter Jeonghwa. <more info>

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