About Us

We report the latest news about EXID and LEGGO, the amazing kpop girl group and their fans! We don’t just cover the members, we spread the word about the latest excitement in the fandom too!

By Fans, for Fans

As ingrained members of LEGGO, we’ve seen how the members benefit fans through inspiration and leadership. Promoting this good is a cause that we believe in. We report the news, because we want fans to find everything that makes being a LEGGO enjoyable.

Quality over Quantity

We do not compete with news sources that focus on speed and quantity. That isn’t our niche. We stay informed, we do our research, and we release updates that are accurate and interesting.

Future Plans

We plan to continue this project for as long as there is content. Per EXID, that will be unending. I think we’ll all be here for a while! 🙂