Interview with LEGGO: Hyelinikid

We interviewed Hyelinikid. He runs a well-known fansite and sometimes shares his stories on EXID Discord. There are many stories that we wanted to ask him to share for this article, but we had to settle on just a few to keep this article from becoming a book. We decided to focus on Hyelinikid's beginnings, touch on our idols' personalities, and conjecture about the future.

Interview with LEGGO: From the Beginning

EXID debuted on February 16, 2012. The next years were filled with ups and downs, happiness and heartaches. Most of us know their story, but only a rare few experienced it all with them. Today we share the story of a LEGGO who has stanned EXID since the very first day. We've asked @hy9jin on Twitter to share her story.