Whoz That Girl?

EXID is a 5-member girl group that debuted in 2012. The original lineup had six members, but that was changed the same year to the current five. The story of those five is an inspiring one with many twists and turns. They always persevered for their Leggos (fans) and found success. Now they are in separate agencies, but they promise that their story as EXID will continue.

We, edited screenshot from “We Are” Music Video

솔지 · Solji

Solji debuted in 2NB on March 31st, 2006. Her life after that was filled with struggles, and she met each obstacle with overwhelming strength and love. She earned her title of “idol” and became the leader of EXID and LEGGO on August 13th, 2012.

Name:Heo Solji (허솔지)
Mononym:Solji (솔지)
Born:January 10, 1989
Blood type:O
Position:Leader, Main Vocal
Emoji:Butterfly 🦋
Fandom:Mandoo (만두)
SNS:Facebook: 솔지-Solji-101655234900718
Instagram: @soul.g_heo
TikTok: @soul_g_
Twitter: @Solji__Official
YouTube: 솔지_Solji official (official) and 솔지Soul_G (main)
Company:C-JeS Entertainment


ELLY is the badass rapper of EXID, but she’s also a total sweetie. She started her career as an underground rapper in 2009, and she debuted with EXID on February 16th, 2012.

Name:Ahn Hyojin (안효진)
Mononym:ELLY (엘리)
Born:December 10, 1991
Blood type:AB
Position:Main Rapper
Emoji:Controller 🎮
SNS:Instagram: @x_xellybabyx
TikTok: @ahn_ellybaby
Twitter: @ahn__ellybaby
YouTube: 안엘리 LEBABY
Pets:Wooyoo (우유)

하니 · Hani

Hani is EXID’s brain and rose. She debuted with them on February 16th, 2012 with their single album Holla.

Name:Ahn Heeyeon (안희연)
Mononym:Hani (하니)
Born:May 1, 1992
Blood type:AB
Position:Lead Vocal, Lead Dancer
Emoji:Rose 🌹
SNS:Instagram: @ahnhani_92 (main) and @dot__film_ (photography)
TikTok: @hanixheeyeon
Pets:Fati (파티)
Company:Sublime Artist Agency

혜린 · Hyelin

Hyelin is the comedian in EXID. Yes she is stunning, has an amazing voice, and can cook better than your grandmother, but her most charming quality is her humor. While not an original member of EXID, she debuted as a member on August 13th, 2012.

Name:Seo Hyelin (서혜린)
Mononym:Hyelin (혜린)
Born:August 23rd, 1993
Blood type:O
Position:Lead Vocal
EmojiBaguette Bread 🥖 or Hatching Chick 🐣
Fandom:Jagi (자기)
SNS:Instagram: @hyeliniseo (main) and @yamyamlini (food)
TikTok: @hyeliniseo823
Twitter: @hyeliniseo_exid
YouTube: 혜린의마이웨이
Pets:Ggomul (꼬물)
Company:sidusHQ (aka iHQ)

정화 · Jeonghwa

Though the maknae of EXID, Jeonghwa has been in the entertainment industry the longest. She debuted as an actress in 2004, and she debuted with EXID on February 16th, 2012.

Name:Park Jeonghwa (박정화)
Mononym:Jeonghwa (정화)
BornMay 8th, 1995
Blood type:A
Position:Main Dancer, Sub-vocal, Lead Rapper
Emoji:Sunflower 🌻
SNS:Instagram: @jeonghwa_0508
Pets:Mocha (모카)