Write for LEGGO News

We write news to support EXID and LEGGO. We spread the word about the latest excitement from the idols and their fans. Read more more about us.

How we’re organized

Instead of considering ranks, we focus on roles.

  • Investigator: Searches for tips and leads.
  • Contributor: Writes articles, but does not publish them.
  • Author: Can write and publish an article within their specific topic.
  • Editor: Reviews an article written by a contributor before publishing.
  • Administrator: Maintains the structure of LEGGO News.

Those helping may have multiple roles. For example, an Editor may contribute articles in between reviewing others’ work, and an Author tends to investigate their own content more than others.

What we’re looking for

At the moment, we have much on our plate. We need writers, proofreaders, and new columnists. An extra programmer familiar with PHP would be handy too.

If you are an active LEGGO and want to contribute, please let us know how you can help. Send us an email at support@leggonews.com, or contact our founder via Twitter DM to @LEGGOGhostie.